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We Provide Cyber Solutions to Real World Problems

Our Security Specialists are the most skilled, certified, and highly qualified to work with you to achieve the best cyber security protection.

About us

We exist to handle all your cyber security needs

Our team of cyber security experts has the knowledge and know-how to assist clients with retrieving their stolen data. We are able to conduct data analysis to find out who, what, and when could have resulted in a breach in an organization’s security.

Over time we have worked to develop long-term relationships with our clients and built a level of trust and knowledge.

We aim to provide effective solutions that work for the common man and big cooperations alike in the same capacity of quality of service.

Nikoli Kurdesty

CTO, Alphaseek pi

Our Popular Options

Tailored support for every Client

Cryptocurrency Recoveries

We assist recover your stolen coins in mere hours with our Experienced team of A-list Whitehat Hackers from all around the world. We take pride in our endless list of successful Cryptocurrency recoveries

Remote Hack and Firewall Penetration

We utilize our network specialists to perform high-precision brute-force hacking and assist making yours impenetrable

Remote GPS Live Location Tracking

Track the current GPS location in real time. Establish alert zones such as home or work. Get notified each time that your target leaves or enters the area.

Our processes

A Typical Coin Recovery Process


Initiating Project

This is the Alpha phase where we get as much information as you can provide to assist in recovering your funds. Any information you can provide here is vital


Transaction Tracing

Our expert uses our AI-based G.A.T.E.R. system to track down your funds from when it left your wallet, keeping track of each block and track it's current location.


Recovery Process

Our system then uses our state-of-the-art brute force Bridge attacks to recover your funds and they are automatically sent to your wallet upon completion

Our care agents are available to assist you 24 hours everyday, 7 days every week,

Why us

We Provide The best early experience and an excellent service

We deliver top professional service in line with strategic and professional services to meet your needs. See what other special services are available.

Customer Service

We have a team of the world's top customer service agents that provide you the best experience.


We have a dynamic team of young talented software engineers and experienced veterans, all at our disposal.

Project Satisfaction

Since 2019 we have recorded a staggering 96% project completion rate in the shortest possible time.


Our high success rate is a mixture of intelligence in talent and an innovative Technical team that works around the clock.

Our Services

Cyber Solutions to Real World Problems

Custom Applications

Our Software Engineers help you create complete applications from development and security services to bring your ideas to light.

Remote Computer Hacking

With a team of A-Level professional hackers. In any situation when our device is lost or stolen. We will track and Hack your phone and access the details on it or help monitor it.

Social media Hacking

We can provide Hacking Services for Social Applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, Etc. We can monitor messages and media anonymously without alerting the handler.

Cyber space Improvement

Hacking Solutions has developed the best infrastructure to protect organizations of all sizes including individual needs. Whether your organization requires cyber security or training & certifications, we are ready to help.

Cyber Security Solutions

We offer end-to-end cyber security solutions from security assessments, penetration testing, and ransomware recovery.

High Level Professional Experts

For all your request, we have a highly trained team to secure your business and personal devices with a majority of our solutions rooted in AI.

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What Clients say
I haven't had a single delay or complaint about getting their end of the job done, I like what Nikoli has done with the company over the past years we have been together, and I couldn't have made a better decision concerning our Cyber Security.
Kendall Krishnan
CFO, Roundcube

More than just another Cyber Security Company

We have a team of bred problem solvers, deeply rooted in all areas of software engineering.